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Jock Paterson believes in an eye-catching start to his freestyle routine. He launches himself and his board into the air and as soon as he hits the ground moves immediately into his first sequence.
Jock Paterson was a UK Nationwide Champion of skateboarding at the Skatecity venue in December 1977. He ‘s a keep-fit fanatic who enjoys surfing off Brighton beach.

Jock Paterson. Skateboarding in Brighton in 1977. Photo is probably BBC Copyright
Jock Paterson. Skateboarding in Brighton in 1977. Photo is probably BBC Copyright

There were a lot of smiling faces when it was announced that Jock Paterson was Nationwide’s Supreme Skateboard Champion – and they weren’t all from 20 year-old Jock’s supporters from Brighton. Because if the Nationwide Championship could have been won by sheer determination and dedication, Jock would have surged to victory way ahead of anyone else. As it was, Jock took the top prize with an all-round display of skateboard skills which brought him two first places — in slalom and freestyle – and third place in the speed event. But his preparation for the final at Skatecity was unbeatable anyway. Jock, who doesn’t drink or smoke, went on a special diet of mainly steak and milk to build himself up for his biggest test. Every morning before breakfast, he was out in his home town of Brighton training and trying to perfect his tricks. Jock’s main worry was his freestyle but he worked constantly on developing a smooth routine – a formula that brought him success. “I’m not too hot at freestyle,” said Jock, “so I knew I had to really work at it to get anywhere in the competition. It was a fantastic feeling to win the championship.”

Jock is best-known for his ability in slalom. His ambition is to be world slalom champion — and soon after his Nationwide triumph Jock had the opportunity to pick up some tips from an expert. “I went to the States for a couple of weeks and I was able to train with John Hutson, the world slalom champion. He’s amazing and I learnt a lot from him. But I’m keeping it all to myself – because I want to win! “It’s an incredible scene over there. They’re just so hot and every skatepark has about twenty Tony Alvas ripping it up. I’m hoping that one day soon l’II be able to take part in competitions in the States — but I’ll need to train a bit more for that.”
Will British skaters ever be as good as the Americans? “Well, they can’t go on into infinity,” said Jock. “Maybe we’ll catch them up because some of the English kids are really good. We’ve got some really hot pool riders – so who knows?”

Nationwide was a BBC television series broadcast in the 1970s on BBC 1 each weekday following the early evening news. It followed a magazine format, combining political analysis and discussion with consumer affairs, light entertainment and sports reporting and in October 1977 it launched the first televised National Skateboarding Championships. There were regular Skateboarding slots on the programme and a series of regional heats for the competition. The final was held in December at London’s newly built Skate City with competitors split into three age groups and taking part in Freestyle, Slalom and Speed. The overall champion was Jock Paterson.

Jock Paterson, Brighton 1977. Photo is probably BBC Copyright
Jock Paterson, Brighton 1977. Photo is probably BBC Copyright

Credits: a rewording of an article from BBC TV’s Nationwide Skateboarding Spring Special 1978. Thanks to for scanning, preserving and sharing their archive.

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  1. I became friends with jock and Tim in holywell bay skatepark. I was probably only 14. But skating crossed the age’s. What a great man for becoming a friend for a few years. Then him and Tim moved to South West France. They loved their surfing.

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