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Vintage Earth Ski Bruce Logan World Champion Skateboard decks are popular with skaters who prefer a solid unflexing deck which is built to take the hard knocks.

Logan Earth Ski classic oak skateboard deck | VintageSkateboard.net
 Earth Ski classic oak skateboard deck by Logan

The Earth Ski by Logan is a family skateboarding company established in 1959. Their name was synonymous with the true art of surfing. The father of the family Bruce Logan and his family are world champions skateboarders. Their company develops and builds some of the best skateboard decks in the industry. If you’re ready to take your riding to some incredible new heights, Logan  has the advice for you! Built from 7 ply Hardrock Maple, Earth Ski skateboard decks are built to last! Instead of using graphics that can overpower and take away from the design, this brand allows their deks to speak for themselves. With the exception of one color band or two, Logan simply carves their boards with their logo. If you don’t want to waste time setting up a skateboard, check out their selection of pre-assembled planks. Logan’s complete skateboards are equipped with deck, trucks, bearings and equipment. From mini-cruisers to sculptors, there is a board for each riding style. If you can not get enough of this brand, show some loyalty by wearing their clothes. Logan  Skateboard T-shirts are available too. (via this site)


Logan logo Old School Skateboard Deck, 8.50 x 32-Inch/14.5-Inch WB, Red/Black/Natural

7-ply Hard Rock Maple Lamination with AerialBond
100% USA Handcrafted and Designed by Skateboarders
Old School Performance Deck that is Designed for Better Response and POP
Street, Pool, Park, Vert
8.50 x 32 – 14.5 WB

Earth Ski Bruce Logan Model Flat Tail Deck, 7-3/8 x 29-Inch/15.25-Inch WB, Black

3/4″ Solid Oak
100% USA Handcrafted and Designed by Skateboarders
Performance Deck that is Designed for Better Response
Cruising, SurfSkate, Commuting
7-3/8″W x 29″L – 15.25″ WB

What to search for to find for sale:

Vintage/antique Logan  Duralite Skateboard deck.
Vintage Earth & ski Dura-lite , Brad Logan Skateboard Deck.
Vintage Skateboard 1970s Brad Logan deck
some models are the much harder to find Brad models. For example some boards were made to be just under 30″, fun to ride.

One thought on “Logan Earth Ski

  1. Brian Logan the eldest brother and with younger brother Bruce helped revolutionize Modern skateboarder – great skater too.

    Bruce Logan the 2nd oldest and World Champion Skateboarder in two decades 1960s & 1970s.

    Brad Logan the 3rd brother was an excellent skateboarder as well.

    Robin Logan the youngest child & only sister – was one of the finest female skateboarders of the 70s – the top 4 of the era were – Ellen O’Neal – Laura Thornhill – Ellen Berryman & Robin Logan.

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