Vintage skateboard star John Sablosky profiled in 1977

Vintage skateboard star John Sablosky was profiled in Issue 1 of Skateboard Scene, in the Winter 1977 edition. Here’s a transcript: John Sablosky is only 14, yet he’s one of the hottest skateboatders in Britain today. The funny thing about John is that two years ago he hadn’t even seen a skateboard. “It was only

Jock Paterson

Jock Paterson believes in an eye-catching start to his freestyle routine. He launches himself and his board into the air and as soon as he hits the ground moves immediately into his first sequence. Jock Paterson was a UK Nationwide Champion of skateboarding at the Skatecity venue in December 1977. He ‘s a keep-fit fanatic

Profile of 1970s US skateboard star Mike Weed

Mike Weed was one of the great all-round American skateboarders of the 1970s and some say the most photographed around the US circuit. His style and balance drew cameramen to him. They knew where to go for the best action shots. Fitness, Mike feels, was the key to his success. He spent literally hours a

Jed Stone

Jed Stone lives  in Plymouth Age: 24 (in 1977 when this interview appeared in Skateboard mag) Number of years skating: 2 approx. Other hobbies: surfing in the summer Team: Rob Ward’s West Country Team Favourite skate places: bowls — also likes the Bristol ramp and half-pipe Preferred skating: bowlriding Equipment: West Country rocker deck, 651’s

Brian Kellner

Brian Kellner Country of origin: South Africa Living now: in Brighton Age: 15 (in 1977, when this interview appeared in Skateboard magazine) Normal skate place: Brighton’s Marina Wall Equipment: Bennett and Tracker trucks, Simms Comp 2’s self-made freestyle board. For slalom, green Kryps, Henry Hesters, Park- riders, Logan 4&5‘s G&S Cutaway deck with Full Tracks.

Paul Conibear

Skateboarder Paul  Conibear lives: in Swansea Age: 23 (1977) Team: rides for the Dave Friar Team Equipment: Highway board with 65mrn reds and small Lazers Other hobbies: some surfing Recent contest success: over-all winner at the Bristol Skate Fest ’77 Admires in the UK: Mark Sinclair, Jeremy Henderson, Jock Paterson, Si Napper, Alex Turnbull. Admires

Paul Nelson

Skateboarder Paul Nelson lives: in Brighton Age: 12 (1977) Team: Skateboard City, Brighton Equipment: Skuda L-A, Half Tracks, Road Rider 2’s for freestyle and for slalom, Lazers, Parkrider 4’s and a self-made deck. Prefers to skate: slalom, freestyle, banks and speed Other hobbies: occasional diving Admires in the UK: Steve Kellner, John Mitchell Admires in the States:

Si Napper

Here’s an interview with London skateboarder Simon Napper from 1977 Skateboard magazine 1977 has thrown up a multitude of promising  UK skateboard stars. Some have shown   tremendous footwork skill, a few have   displayed brilliant bowl-busting technique   and others have ‘gone for it’ so hard you’ve   wondered if they really are totally fearless. One rider straddling