G&S skateboard decks

G&S skateboard decks – by Gordon and Smith – are most famous for being made of fibreflex.




<h2>G&S skateboard decks</h2>

Favoured by freestylers and slalom skaters, the ‘give’ and ‘spring’ in these decks makes them a favourite with vintage 70s skateboard afficionados.

G&S skateboard decks G&S Fibreflex Bowlrider | VintageSkateboard.net
G&S skateboard decks – the Fibreflex Bowlrider

Freestylers choose either the G&S Stacey Peralta Warp II, Warptail, or the Bowlrider.

Slalomers go for the G&S Fibreflex Pro Slalom.

Stacey Peralta is an interesting character. In 1992, he left his Powell-Peralta company to become a full time TV director and producer. He showed his love of skateboarding in Dogtown and Z-Boys, a documentary movie co-written with CR Stecyk III. It was about the well-known skateboard team,  the Z-Boys. The film was produced by Agi Orsi. It reinforced the notion  that in the 1970s, much of the attention of the skateboarding media centered on Dogtown.


G&S was set up by Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith in the 1950s. It was originally a company that made surfboards. Gordon and Smith agreed to migrate into skateboard products in the 1970s when the craze exploded. G&S manufactured the first foam core skateboards in 1975. As skateboarding increased in popularity and became mainstream, G&S sold 500 Fibreflex skateboards every day with a few months of back orders too. These overnight sensation skateboards continue to be a driving force today. With strong roots in the San Diego skate and surf scene, G&S has now turned their attention to designing longboards that are built to last and have a great ‘feel’. Are you passionate about longboarding or interested in trying? Look no further than G&S longboard decks! With wood cores of Aspen and Mahogany sandwiched between layers of fiberglass, their Fibreflex decks are a favorite among pros around the world. Even skaters that rode on their models back in the 70s still choose G&S to this day.


Here’s a link to the G&S site today.


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  1. I have a Fibreflex pintail for sale, amost perfect, with Tracker trucks, OJ wheels with bobes superswiss bearings for sale. $250

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