Alva skateboard decks

Alva vintage skateboard decks are so sought after that the 70s Alva skateboard decks design has been reissued. When buying, be sure to know whether you’re looking at a vintage 70s Alva deck or the reissue.


<h2>Vintage 70s Alva skateboard decks</h2>

Alva skateboard decks photo
Photo by rejon

Tony Alva is one of the  legends of the skateboard world since the 1970s.  In 1972, he joined the Z-Boys team of skateboarders with Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta. Skating in empty swimming pools, Alva and the Z-Boys stunned the world with their never before seen stunts. In 1977, aged 19, Alva set up his own Alva Skates. This was the first skateboarder-owned company to be run by a skateboarder and Alva was one of the first to use layered Canadian maple plywood in his decks. He was a member o Z-Boys.

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