Hobie Skateboards

Hobart “Hobie” Alter   was a surf and sailing entrepreneur / pioneer. He created the Hobie Cat catamarans, and founded the Hobie Skateboards company.

Hobie Skateboards ad from 1978 UK Skateboard! magazine.

Alter began making skateboards in 1962. Working with Bill Richards at Val Surf, Hobie Alter introduces the Hobie Super Surfer skateboard. Surf legend, Charles “Corky” Carroll III is also involved with Hobie in developing its products. Hobie Alter later teams up with the Vita Pakt juice company to create Hobie Skateboards. Hobie’s early team riders are Skitch Hitchcock, Danny Bearer, “Woody” Woodward, Pat McGee, John Freis, Joey Cabell, and Davey and Stevie Hilton.

Alter went on to sponsor the famous 70s Hobie Super Surfer skateboard team.

Mike Weed and Skitch Hitchcock  appeared in the first skateboarding feature film Spinn’in Wheels in 1975. Other Hobie team members included Gregg Weaver, Garrison Hitchcock, Kim Cespedes,  Bob Skoldberg, Ed Nadalin, Dale Smith, Steve Shipp and John “Woody” Woodstock.

Later Hobie members included  Darrell Miller, Kevin Moore, Curt Kimball, Steve Evans, Charlie Ransom and Eddie “El Gato” Elgueria.


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  1. Paul Hoffman, Dale “Sausage Man” Smith, and Deanna Caulkins also skated for Hobie 77-78ish

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