Profile of 1970s US skateboard star Mike Weed

Mike Weed was one of the great all-round American skateboarders of the 1970s and some say the most photographed around the US circuit. His style and balance drew cameramen to him. They knew where to go for the best action shots. Fitness, Mike feels, was the key to his success. He spent literally hours a

Hobie Skateboards

Hobart “Hobie” Alter ¬† was a surf and sailing entrepreneur / pioneer. He created the Hobie Cat catamarans, and founded the¬†Hobie Skateboards company. Alter began making skateboards in 1962. Working with Bill Richards at Val Surf, Hobie Alter introduces the Hobie Super Surfer skateboard. Surf legend, Charles “Corky” Carroll III is also involved with Hobie

Jay Adams at Marina Del Rey Skatepark 1978

Here’s another gem from the fab Selvedge Yard blog. It’s a 1978 photo of Jay Adams at Marina Del Rey Skatepark taken by and copyright held by David Scott. On this page, there are some more great photos of Jay, the Z-flex team (Marty Grimes, Jimmy Davies, Eric Andersen (Froggy), Solo Scott, Jimmy Plummer, George

Venice Beach 1970s style

I love the old photos of Venice Beach in the 70s on this Selvedge Yard blog post.