Vintage 1978 West of England skateboard video

Here’s a video of the 1970s skateboarding scene in the west of England. It was filmed around 1978, possibly as part of a technical college project. Its title is Truckin’ – Uk Skateboarding c 1978

It includes various West Country skaters and teams, plus the Southbank Undercroft, Flamingo skatepark in Redruth, Watergate Bay skatepark, Holywell Bay skatepark, Exmouth indoor skatepark, and the Royal Horticultural Hall trade show in London (12-15 February 1978).

Desert Rat wrote on the YouTube comments in response that: “At 7:25 you have just bought back great memories of my childhood. I spent way too much time at Exmouth Indoor Skate Centre. The main bowl looks smaller than i remember but then again i was a grubby little 13 year old.”

The main music track on the video is Birdland by Weather Report.

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