If you’re going to build your own classic or vintage skateboard and want to buy a skate deck, here are some decks to consider:


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  1. Great site!
    Has anyone heard of a “Highway Rocker” deck?
    I am trying to locate one. I bought mine originally in early 78 from a skateboard shop in Boyce’s Avenue, Clifton ,Bristol. There was. A batman type motif north of centre probably only 2 inch square.
    Much appreciate any help in finding one
    Cheers Jay

  2. Alright!

    Yeah used to own a Highway Rocker around about ’78 too . Went up to clifton to buy one but they’d sold out . Twas my birthday so managed tracking one down with my dad at Eric Snook’s in Bath in the end ! So much better than the Pacer fibreglass deck i had. Seem to remember there were a few of us with Highway Rockers when we used to skate down at the Norwich Union . Findig one might prove a bit difficult now mate. cheers mark

  3. Hi Jay,
    I have a 1978 Highway Rocker with Lazer Trucks and White Yo-Yo Wheels. I broke my arm, for a second time, bowl riding, so I bought this kit for freestyle to pacify my mother, lol.
    I still have my bowl deck too, ZFlex, Tracker Full Tracks & BelAir Lip Bombs. With SKF bearings, it’s fast and smooth.
    Me and my bro used to skate the Malibu Dog Bowl in Nottingham, the concrete was too rough though. I bought all the kit new. I have photos from 77, 78.

  4. Hi Chris,
    thanks for the reply, wow you have two great outfits! How do they look after all the years?
    Maybe this is a dreadful thing to ask, but would you consider parting with your highway rocker? If not , I would just love to see a photo of it! My email is :
    I never got up to Nottingham, would have loved to. Superb sounding bowl deck!
    Many thanks for reply
    Cheers Jay

  5. Hi
    I have just found your site after searching for info about Malibu Dogbowl Nottingham.
    Before it opened i used to go down and help fill sandbags in return for Bowltime once it opened.
    I remember it well.
    I still have my board from around 1977/78 a Benjyboard White Lighting Deck with California Slalom Trucks and Red Kryptonics .I got the Reds for Streets and the Dog owl as it was bumpy concrete.
    Happy Days

  6. Hi I think I’ve got a 1978 highway rocker deck with acs 651’s and green Kryptonics up the attic. My pride and joy at least it was in 1978

  7. I have a Highway Rocker board- about to restore it as it got banged up over the 80s. I received it from a generous neighbour in the mid 80s, clearly hardly used- but I went everywhere on it in Bristol in my teens. Has ACS 500 trucks and Powerflex 5 wheels

  8. I still have my old skateboard – purchased mid 70’s when they first came across the pond.
    Highway rocker deck.
    California slalom pro trucks
    SK5 wheels.
    State of the art in its day!

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