Bristol Skateboard Centre in 1977

Bristol Skateboard Centre was a magnet for West Country skateboarders in the late 1970s. They stocked a good range of brands like Bennett, Hobie and Alligator Wheels. Some of the boards on display in the photo of the shop look pretty long. Precursors to today’s longboards?

4 thoughts on “Bristol Skateboard Centre in 1977

  1. Fantastic picture!!, just taken me right back in time to 77!
    Very evocative photo, just how I remembered it. I bought lots of gear there.
    My favourites were oj’s, tracker mid trucks and that elusive highway rocker deck!

  2. Hi there, I have a Hiway Rocker set up that I picked up in a 2nd hand shop a while back now. I noticed another thread on here where somebody mentioned a Highway rocker so I contacted them to see if they wanted to buy it but had no response. I have been trawling the Internet to see if I can find any further references to the Hiway Rocker but can’t find any info. Obviously you mention the ‘elusive rocker’ in your post. Can you give me any info on how rare it is and how much it’s worth? I have some photos if you are interested. It has Skuda trucks but I’m not sure what the wheels are.



    1. Hi Mark, We can’t offer valuations because, at the end of the day, it depends on how much the buyer is willing to pay. Keep an eye on ebay in case you spot one. Or hang on to it in case it becomes really scarce in the future. Thanks for getting in touch Mark.

  3. Hi all , I am just about to list the Bristol Skateboard Centre Autumn Price List from 1977 on eBay . It features their entire stock and prices . Some interesting “ old school “ equipment. Good Luck . My username on eBay is quirkyvintageandbooks.

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