Guilford Skatestar, Gillingham, Skate City, South Bank, Southsea and other UK vintage skateboard locations

This video of UK Old School Skateboard, shared by r3d3

There’s some useful info in the comments…

Tojan Records: 03:18 Gillingham skate park riding “The Snake”. Half pipe in the background, spent many many days there skating then BMX’ing early 80’s.

23skullhead: These clips are from all sorts of sources, a cutdown of sections compiled in a film by Winstan Whitter called Rollin Through the Decades. Some of it is from other films and tv made back then, some if it is from super8 shot by various people which we transferred for Rollin’. There’s loads more brilliant and until then unseen footage in the film, shot by the likes of Dobie, Sean Goff and Sue Hazell. The dvd can still be picked up, so check it out.

orbeaaspin: Fantastic,nice to see Skatecity – just wish there was more

skullzero77: Wow what a blast from the past ,anyone remember the NationWide contest ? Still got all my stuff .Red 65 kryps and green 70s still smooth . Thanks for posting.

mollers92: My dad worked at Southsea skatepark in the 70s. I skated a modern deck when i was younger, but I was crap and never got on with it too well. Moved to uni this year and bought a cruiser just to get about on. This is what I was meant to do.

Seachicken: Nice memories. spent a lot of my time at a few of those parks. skate city/ westbourne park i think/ and the famous sth bank. 45 years old still with a board, still trying to find some white yoyo wheels to ride again

cyrus green: The longest halfpipe in europe at Guildford Skatestar is now a sad housing estate.

freddie j: dude thanks alot, you’ve shown to people that england skate just as good as americans!!

alfaromeoash: why did skateboard change to small hard wheels. My board was a fibreflex bowlrider, gullwing trucks and 70mm red kryps. It was a smooth board to ride around on and quick.

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