Nostalgic 1970s skateboard stickers

Nostalgic 1970s skateboard stickers
Photo of Nostalgic 1970s skateboard stickers. Copyright 9292Steve

9292Steven has 1970s skateboard stickers for sale on eBay and a fantastic vintage skateboard collection. I first got in touch with him when I saw his ad for reproduction1970s skateboard stickers for sale on eBay. He sent me the photos and this message in response:

1970s skateboard stickers supremo 9292Steven
1970s skateboard stickers supremo 9292Steven in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.

“I’m still skating at the age of 54 with a new hip (getting old is pish!) and here’s me in Santa Cruz in Tenerife last Boxing Day. Oh and here’s some of my boards. Be good and take care Gareth Oh and remember “It’s about to get Awesome”! Steve”

I like the wording of his eBay ad. Makes me think Steve would be a great guy to go for a pint with once the coronavirus situation eases. Here’s how he describes what he’s selling:

Sorry but the company I use to print these is closed so I no longer have the Blue Dogtown Cross or the 4 inch Red Sims Wing if that’s what you are after. Sorry again, but my stock is going down rapidly.
Now we are all self isolating because of some shit that is floating about; it’s probably around now that you want to spend some quality time away from the wife and kids doing something you want to do. Cutting the grass is pish and you really can’t be arsed tidying out the loft or painting the kitchen so you are going to have to look busy otherwise she will give you a big feckin list of things to do…..!
I’ve got it! Why don’t you think about putting a board together to enjoy this summer (it’s going to be a scorcher) and you’ll need some of these just to finish it off!
Hey you……….Yes you……! Time to put that Awesome board together cause we ain’t gettin any younger…… If you don’t do it this year you never will so why wait! Oh and if you do; don’t hang it on the wall, ride the bloody thing first cause when your dead nobody in your family will know what a pristine Taperkick is and won’t care and it will probably end up in a skip. Enjoy it cause you’ve worked hard for it.
Yes, if you are looking at these you are probably over the age of 21 now and can go and have a vodka and coke or fourteen in a bar without having to show ID. Yes, you are like me, the wrong side of forty plus and then some and you want to remember the carefree days of your youth. The long hot summers we enjoyed in the 70’s playing with our friends; building wooden skateboard ramps in your garden that were truly lethal. Mind you, we did have a set of gardening gloves and a crap copy of a Cooper Helmet with white foam that made your head sweat. Remember now?
 Bet sometimes, your surprised you’ve made it into your 40’s. Am I right? Well a piece of news for you my friend, you are not alone.

Ladies and Gentlemen; I give you Skateboard Porn!…………..

These are Reproduction Vintage Skateboard Stickers from the time in your life when you had no worries and no bills to pay. Remember when you were 13 years old and you and your friends used to look at all the pictures in Skateboard! Magazine and dream about what your awesome board would be,if only you could afford it. Always a bit difficult to buy a set of 651’s from Alpine Sports for £4.95 each when your pocket money was 50 pence a week.
 You liked Dawn with the blonde hair at the end of your street cause she was fit as; but that picture of the Sims Taperkick with 651’s and Red Kryptonics did something to you in your y’s…….! See what I mean; it was just Skateboard Porn!
Anyway, I have to tell you the technical bit before we go any further. These Reproduction Skateboard Stickers have been redrawn from originals, size for size in Indesign and sheet fed litho printed onto gloss cast coated vinyl stock and gloss laminated to face only with split backing. These have been commercially printed by one of the countries foremost litho printing companies and these babies shine.
 These are plastic sub straight,  so you can stick em on your car bumper, truck, beer fridge, board, (obviously) garage door, tool box, man cave wall, helicopter or even your wife! Ok, maybe not your wife then…….! Don’t want to piss her off……………….Oh no! 
 Oh and please note that the dollar  and 50p piece are there for scale only and not included in the sale before some fanny asks! Most people outside the UK don’t know what a fanny is but I tell them it’s a good thing cause it is.
Now the good bit. This auction is for a set of Nine Reproduction Skateboard Stickers but you get to pick which ones you would like, if you win. That’s right, you get to chose which nine stickers you would like from the following list of 80 skateboard stickers. You can even request 2 of the same kind if you wish, but please, no more than that as I don’t have enough.
1. Skate Boarder Magazine(Skateboard porn!)2. Skateboard! Magazine white 3.Skateboard! Magazine red oblong 4. Skateboard! Magazine red  5. TO Wheels 6.Lightning Bolt Skateboards.7. Bahne 8. Alligator Wheels 9. Road Rider old style 10. Road Rider new style 11. Park Rider Wheels 12. Red Kryptonics 13. Green Kryptonics 14. Blue Kryptonics. 15.Benjyboard White Lightning. 16. Benjyboard Large 17. Benjyboard Small 18. California Slalom Trucks. 19. Tracker Trucks 20.Bennett Truks 21.Stroker Trucks. 22.Gullwing Trucks. 23.Powerflex 24. Alpine Sports 25. Hobie Skatepark Rider 26.Power Paw Wheels 27.OJ Wheels 28. Sims German Bearings 29. Cadillac Hot Lips Wheels 30.Z-Flex 31. Hobieflex. 32. Hobie Black logo 33. Bennett Truks yellow and black 34. Cadillac Wheels rainbow colour 35. Tunnel Wheels red outline 36. Tunnel Wheels orange 37. Rector Safetygear Blue logo. 38.Rector Safetygear Green logo 39. GT Wheels 40. Lazer trucks 41. ACS Trucks 42. Bones. 43.Power Pivot 44.Skuda 45.Belair Lip Bombs 46. Belair Bolts 47. Hobie Diamond Shape. 48. Logan Earth Ski 49. Belair Boards 50. Energy Trucks 51. ACS Address plus 2 mini’s 52.Kryptonics K cirlce 53. Road Rider Wheels purple 54. Sims Pure Juice 55. ISA International Skateboard Association (Wow!) 56. Yellow and Red Powerflex 57. Caster 58. Sims Lonnie Toft Triangle 59. Newporter 60. Pacer 61. Sims Snake red Large 62. Sims Oval Pure Juice 63. Sims Red logo and 2 strips of Sims Snake 64. 3 Skateboarder Blue Logo Strips.
65. Sims Pure Juice Blue Oval 66. Sims Pure Juice Green Oval 67. Phoenix Trucks (Gullwing) 68. Power Paw Hi- Performance Wheels 69. Town and Country Surf Designs green and yellow 70. Alva Lime Green 71. OJ 11’s 72. ACS 4 inch 73.Kryptonics Red first Generation 74. Hang Ten Skateboards 75. Dogtown Blue Cross 76.Kryptonics 3 colour 6 inch 77. Sims Red 4 inch wing 78. Sims Blue 4 inch wing 79. Town & Country black and yellow classic porn! 80. Town & Country blue
Yes; if you win, you just tell me which nine stickers from the above list you’d like. If you have a Logan with Acs and a set of Road Riders or a Sims with HPG 1V’s and Red Kryps well here’s your chance to decorate it so it’s your pride and joy.
Check out my feedback and see what other buyers think of these stickers. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase. 
Oh and remember just when you think life is going to deal you another bite of the Shit Sandwich…………well tomorrow……  “It’s about to get Awesome”
If there’s a sticker you need to finish off that board of yours, let me know and I just might be able to help you out.
Look out for vintage 70’s British and American Punk Rock Band stickers also. Devo, Dead Kennedys, Blondie, Sex Pistols, Clash……………….

..and he has some 1970s heavy metal stickers too.

Accessories like stickers can add a certain something to an old deck. Here are some photos of Steve’s collection of old skateboards sporting his 1970s skateboard stickers.

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  1. Even though I don’t need any more stickers after reading Steve’s updated humorous sales pitch I think I’m gonna order a set.
    I’ve dealt with Steve several times and he’s a top geezer and I can vouch his stickers are really top quality.


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