Vintage skateboard restoration

Denham Hill just got in touch with a question about vintage skateboard restoration: “I collect vintage boards and I’ve recently got into restoring a few. So far, most have been going fairly well but it’s trial and error for the most part! I was wondering if you were aware of anyone in the U.K. who restores boards to a really high standard? Looking to get some advice on a couple of boards I’m working on at the minute. Thanks in advance! All the best, Denham Hill”

It’s easy enough to buy one which is already restored, but what do you do if you find your treasured old 1977 G&S, Gullwing, Kryptonics seized up with ivy growing over it in the back of the garden shed?

If you need spare parts for your own restoration, the magic word to search for on sites like eBay is “NOS”. This stands for new old stock. You’d be surprised how many old 1970s spare parts turn up when you seach ebay for something like “NOS vintage skateboard”. It could just help find the part you’re hunting for.

As far as vintage skateboard restoration experts goes, Saul Daniel comes to mind, but there are sure to be others. On his website, Saul says: “Wanted: Vintage collectable skateboard decks in need of restoration from around 1978 – early 1980s. However damaged or fouled-up they look I may be interested in buying them from you.” He may be able to offer restoration as a service.

If you know of a restoration workshop for vintage skateboards in the UK, please feel free to add details to this page using the comments.

Vintage skateboard restoration
Photo by kvanhorn of a vintage skateboard restoration

P.S. I did the search for “NOS vintage skateboard” parts just now and it threw up:

Vintage NOS 70s ORBIT skateboard wheels 2 1/2″ x 1 7/8″ ORANGE old school
NOS 1980s Vintage Powell Peralta Street Bones Skate Wheels Blue 60mm 90A
Vintage 70’s Powerpaw orange skateboard wheels-NOS-OG-62mm-rare-fibreflex
Original vintage 70’s Lazer skateboard trucks – small baseplate-nos – Excellent
Powell Peralta Street Bones B-83 55mm Vintage Skateboard Wheels NOS
Vintage 70’s Powerpaw swampy Green skateboard wheels-NOS-OG-62mm-rare-fibreflex
NOS Vintage Tracker Trucks Bushings Skateboard Inner Grommets Purple

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