Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson by Robert Vente
Paul Nelson by Robert Vente

Skateboarder Paul Nelson lives: in Brighton

Age: 12 (1977)

Team: Skateboard City, Brighton

Equipment: Skuda L-A, Half

Tracks, Road Rider 2’s for

freestyle and for slalom,

Lazers, Parkrider 4’s and a

self-made deck.

Prefers to skate: slalom,

freestyle, banks and speed

Other hobbies: occasional


Admires in the UK: Steve Kellner, John Mitchell

Admires in the States: Lonnie Toft. . . “Because he’s so radical with his 8-wheeler — it’s insane.”

“Steve Kellner may be a great skateboarder but he’s also a fantastic magician. I’ve seen him do the milk pouring trick. the strings and the cards. . . he’s brilliant!”


Archive interview from Skateboard Magazine 1977

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