Paul Conibear

Paul Conibear by Rober t Vente
skateboarder Paul Conibear by Rober t Vente

Skateboarder Paul  Conibear lives: in Swansea

Age: 23 (1977)

Team: rides for the Dave Friar Team

Equipment: Highway board with 65mrn reds and small Lazers

Other hobbies: some surfing

Recent contest success: over-all winner at the Bristol Skate Fest ’77

Admires in the UK: Mark Sinclair, Jeremy Henderson, Jock Paterson, Si Napper, Alex Turnbull.

Admires in the States: Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Tom lnouye

Normal skate place: the Swansea ramp

Favourite skate places: Skate City Black Bowl, Weymouth. “The only competition

l’ve liked so far has been the Bristol one. Everybody had a really good time.On Wednesday night

after the Bristol contest we went raging. . . eating gateaux, pizzas and ice cream at three o’clock in the morning.”

“There’s no way we’re going to get as good as the Americans at the moment. . . there’s not enough  facilities.”

“The only thing wrong with the Black Bowl is that it’s for regular footers. . . and I‘m goofy.”

“Steven Kellner’s routine at the Nationwide finals was amazing.”

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