Jed Stone

Plymouth skateboarder Jed Stone. Photo by Robert Vente
Plymouth skateboarder Jed Stone. Photo by Robert Vente

Jed Stone lives  in Plymouth

Age: 24 (in 1977 when this interview appeared in Skateboard mag)

Number of years skating: 2 approx.

Other hobbies: surfing in the summer

Team: Rob Ward’s West Country Team

Favourite skate places: bowls — also likes the Bristol ramp and half-pipe

Preferred skating: bowlriding

Equipment: West Country rocker deck, 651’s and big reds for bowls, Fibreflex cambered deck, small green Kryps for slalom.


Admires in the UK: Si Napper, Alex Turnbull

Admires in the States: no one till he’s seen them in action

“The night before the Watergate competition, a few of us were taking bets on  which of us were going to

win. Then guys like Jeremy Henderson turned up and started doing power slides, lip slides and aerials. We just sat back and watched. . . we couldn’t believe it .”

“Rob Ward and Dave Thomas have always supplied us with our gear. Whatever

we’ve wanted, we’ve had.

That helps. . .otherwise it would cost us a fortune. The number of decks I go through . . . I’ve been changing every month or so.”

“There’s a guy on Plymouth Ho! called Jimmy who could always frapp me at

slalom. Whenever I raced him l’d always be left standing, or fall over or something. One day he told me to tighten up my trucks, go wider, and to

get something grippier than the big red Kryps I was using.

I got the small greens and now I’m beating him.”

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