Skateboard Escape skatepark Weymouth – 1970s UK skateparks

Skateboard Escape spatepark Weymouth was built when Weymouth succumbed early on to the thrills of the 1970s UK skateboarding craze. It was built with the help and encouragement of a local co-ordinator at the Youth Activities Centre, who was a keen skater himself. In winter the kids practised on the promenade, but in summer, with

Skate City London – 1970s UK skateparks

You’ll find the 3.5 acres of landscaped concrete that is Skate City London near Tower Bridge. Parts are open now, and there are ambitious plans for the site: it will be open from 10am to 9pm, with floodlighting for darker evenings; there will be a shop and cafe on site, plus seating and walkways for

Watergate Bay skatepark Newquay – 1970s UK skateparks

Watergate Bay skatepark Newquay was opened on 29th May 1977, overlooking the beach north of Newquay, Cornwall, and later that year the Watergate Bay Skateboard Contest was held there, attracting many competitors from the UK, and from America and Australia as well. Watergate started out as a surfing centre, but when the people in charge