1977 skateboard pricelist from Bristol Skate Centre

Steve Boddy got in touch to say “Hi all , I am just about to list the Bristol Skateboard Centre Autumn Price List from 1977 on eBay . It features their entire stock and prices . Some interesting “ old school “ equipment. Good Luck . My username on eBay is quirkyvintageandbooks.” Source: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Bristol-Skateboard-Centre-Autumn-1977-Price-List-Vintage-Skateboarding/143581453093?hash=item216e1f1b25:g:sXEAAOSw5uZel0EU (accessed

Bristol Skateboard Centre

I’d say there’s a graphic design influence of Roger Dean in this ad for the Bristol Skateboard Centre. West country skaters are sure to remember this store:  

Skateboards of choice store review

I’ve just been browsing the online store of  Skateboards of Choice . Based in Poole, Dorset, UK,  it looks like a store with a good choice of old school gear: They’ve got OJs and Sims wheels in stock. Trucks by Bennett and Tracker. Alva, Z-Flex and Sims decks. Complete boards from the £120-170 range, with free