1977 skateboard pricelist from Bristol Skate Centre

Steve Boddy got in touch to say “Hi all , I am just about to list the Bristol Skateboard Centre Autumn Price List from 1977 on eBay . It features their entire stock and prices . Some interesting “ old school “ equipment. Good Luck . My username on eBay is quirkyvintageandbooks.” Source: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Bristol-Skateboard-Centre-Autumn-1977-Price-List-Vintage-Skateboarding/143581453093?hash=item216e1f1b25:g:sXEAAOSw5uZel0EU (accessed

Bilbo board with hobie wheels

Magic Jo got in touch to say: “Hey, was digging through my old skateboards and found a couple you guy might like – got a mint bilbo board which i think was the first ever skateboards made in europe with hobie wheels. And a slightly battered logan earth ski (think it was the first board

Guilford Skatestar, Gillingham, Skate City, South Bank, Southsea and other UK vintage skateboard locations

This video of UK Old School Skateboard, shared by r3d3 There’s some useful info in the comments… Tojan Records: 03:18 Gillingham skate park riding “The Snake”. Half pipe in the background, spent many many days there skating then BMX’ing early 80’s. 23skullhead: These clips are from all sorts of sources, a cutdown of sections compiled

Bristol Skateboard Centre in 1977

Bristol Skateboard Centre was a magnet for West Country skateboarders in the late 1970s. They stocked a good range of brands like Bennett, Hobie and Alligator Wheels. Some of the boards on display in the photo of the shop look pretty long. Precursors to today’s longboards?

The Coyote polypropylene deck budget original skateboard package

If your funds were tight in the UK in 1977 and you wanted to join the skateboard craze on a shoestring, the Coyote was a real contender. This package consists of a two-foot popypropelene kicktailed deck available in a choice of four colours, a pair of GT trucks and clear 60x57mm urathene wheels. For a

ACS skateboard truck range from 1977 UK Skateboard magazine ad

ACS skateboard truck Model 430, general purpose for hot-dogging ACS Model 500, bestselling bowlriding and freestyling truck ACS Model 650 toughie for  downhill racing, as used on Signal Hill ACS Model 651 ACS skateboard trucks, the ‘newest model’. Lightweight and wide for downhill racing. Not listed here is the 580.

G&S Fibreflex Bowlrider

Coupled with Phoenixes and yellow YoYos, this is a skatepark bowlriding classic:

Fireball Hotwheels classic skateboarding wheels

Fireball Hotwheels were available via their south-west London distributor Looner Land Skates in SW6. I love the warning next to the 95mm ones that they’re for downhill only with no cornering ability. £5 each without bearings or £6 with:  

Stacey Peralta deck

Endorsed by Stacey Peralta, this laminated kicktail deck was a bomb!

Pro-Am truck and wheels

Recently I posted an ad for Pro-Am skateboard pads and helmets. Now here are their gold trucks ad wheels:  

A classic skateboard deck to lust after

Here’s an ad from the early days of skateboarding for the Sims Taperkick. And it’s fitted with trucks and wheels to die for: Gullwing Phoenix and blue Kryptonics. It cost £73.80 back in the day…      

Marbot Skateboarder SpeedRites footwear

Specialised sports footwear was limited to the traditional sports like tennis (Dunlop Stan Smiths), baseball (Converse All Star) and rock climbing (blue and white EBs bought from Ellis Brigham’s). When skateboarding first began in mid 1970s, shoe manufactures began catering for a new market. Here’s an ad for Marbot SpeedRites:

Tiger Oak and Tiger Birch 27″ skateboard decks

These Tiger Oak and Tiger Birch 27″ skateboard decks came out around 1977. The oak was advertised as being suitable for bowlriding and freestyle and cost £35 with ACS trucks and “The New Tunnel Holland Wheels”/ The Birch came with narrower ACS trucks and Grentec GT wheels, were about a fiver less.

Wasp trucks

Billed as ‘The Truckinest Trucks’, Wasp skateboard slalom trucks were manufactured in Surrey, using epoxy-coated alloy body with stainless steel bolt.