Nostalgic 1970s skateboard stickers

9292Steven has 1970s skateboard stickers for sale on eBay and a fantastic vintage skateboard collection. I first got in touch with him when I saw his ad for reproduction1970s skateboard stickers for sale on eBay. He sent me the photos and this message in response: “I’m still skating at the age of 54 with a

1977 skateboard pricelist from Bristol Skate Centre

Steve Boddy got in touch to say “Hi all , I am just about to list the Bristol Skateboard Centre Autumn Price List from 1977 on eBay . It features their entire stock and prices . Some interesting “ old school “ equipment. Good Luck . My username on eBay is quirkyvintageandbooks.” Source: (accessed

Bristol Skateboard Centre in 1977

Bristol Skateboard Centre was a magnet for West Country skateboarders in the late 1970s. They stocked a good range of brands like Bennett, Hobie and Alligator Wheels. Some of the boards on display in the photo of the shop look pretty long. Precursors to today’s longboards?

A. A. Baker Skateboard Centre in Brighton in the 1970s

Here’s a 1977 ad for A.A.Baker Ltd Skateboard Centre on the London Road in Brighton, Susses. They stocked Newporter, Brewer, Benjyboard, Pacer, Kryptonics, OJs, Skuda, Red Riders, Mags and Cooper safety gear.

The Coyote polypropylene deck budget original skateboard package

If your funds were tight in the UK in 1977 and you wanted to join the skateboard craze on a shoestring, the Coyote was a real contender. This package consists of a two-foot popypropelene kicktailed deck available in a choice of four colours, a pair of GT trucks and clear 60x57mm urathene wheels. For a

ACS skateboard truck range from 1977 UK Skateboard magazine ad

ACS skateboard truck Model 430, general purpose for hot-dogging ACS Model 500, bestselling bowlriding and freestyling truck ACS Model 650 toughie for  downhill racing, as used on Signal Hill ACS Model 651 ACS skateboard trucks, the ‘newest model’. Lightweight and wide for downhill racing. Not listed here is the 580.